Ahara Ghee

Ahara Ghee is a Portland-based ghee company made by Ayurvedic practitioners. Ahara stems from the Sanskrit phrase “ahara rasa” which means the “essence of food.” Through the client’s explorations into wellness, they learned of the purifying and nourishing benefits of ghee. For client Andrea Shuman, the idea and development of Ahara Ghee as consumer product came directly from her professional wellness practice.


Brand Repositioning
Rebranding (Identity Update)
Packaging Design
Website Design

original packaging

The Challenge

The product, formerly known as Ahara Rasa Ghee, was selling well in the Pacific Northwest, but the client was looking to revamp the brand and product packaging. To compete better in the ghee market and grow sales outside of the Pacific Northwest, the challenge was to develop a fresh look and more refined brand packaging.

The Solution

We started with their story. Who is Ahara, what do they stand for and why is the product different than other organic ghee products on the shelf. Once we understood their "why" we quickly realized the small batch, intentional process and unique flavor combinations made them stand apart. We then updated the visual elements of the brand, including the logo and new color palette, then completely redesigned their packaging. Through our research and consumer testing, we discovered that people were unable to remember the name Ahara Rasa when it came to brand recognition. We found that if we shortened the name to Ahara Ghee, people were more apt to retain brand recognition and gravitated to the product more. Moreover, we refined the message to reflect the ancient benefits of the product without bogging the audience down with overly clinical Ayurvedic terms. In short, Ahara makes ghee for your highest good. We kept the gold details and alchemical vibe of the logo. Instead of a traditional mandala, we created a sacred version that focused on chakra points, meridians, and the four elements. We continue to help Ahara today.

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