Compass Group

Compass Group, a Fortune 100 business, is the sixth largest food supplier in America and reaches billions of customers annually. Compass Group reaches far and wide, serving award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums, and more.


Brand Development
Website Design & Development

Art Direction & Styling
VIdeo Production
Collateral Design

The Challenge

Compass Group came to us looking for a better connection to their clients and employees through brand engagement. They needed a brand update that would aid their relevance and overall image.

The Solution

The first project kicked off with a diversity and inclusion campaign. Compass wanted to boost awareness across their Corporate Communications and HR departments. They were keen on the evolution of recruiting practices and were interested in changing the way they hired and attracted employees. They sought out content that would better tell this story and attract diversity and a younger demographic of future employees. The new content gained attention and opened windows for the creation of new websites, microsites, and inclusion campaigns. We also spent dozens of days shooting photography content and conducting video projects nationwide.

Shortly after the original content went live, different Compass departments and sectors asked to use the new photography and communication globally. This developed into several more photoshoots at locations like Google Headquarters, Sacred Heart University, and Portland University among many others. The content and digital experience created a huge boost in employment, diversity awareness, and cross brand collaboration.

Over the years we have supported their brand needs with strategy, photography content, video development, website design and development, print collateral and advertising.

Project completed while co-owner of The Plaid Penguin

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