Fin & Fino

Rare Roots Hospitality is a restaurant group known for their attention to detail, impeccable service, and high quality offerings. When they decided to open their fourth restaurant, Fin and Fino, they came to us to create an experience that would connect with their customers.

The concept was simple: create a welcoming atmosphere where guests could indulge in fresh seafood and good conversation. With only a name and location, we needed to tell their story and build a brand to support their vision.


Brand Design
Brand Messaging
Packaging Design
Food Styling
Website Design

The Challenge

Fin and Fino was entering an area that was already saturated with restaurant concepts. Our challenge was to drive awareness with a story that set them apart. Without anything but a name, location and architect - Fin and Fino was at ground zero.

The Solution

We dug into our extensive knowledge of the cities culinary landscape and evaluated what was lacking. We brainstormed what would draw people in and how to shake up the seafood scene in a city filled with steak houses, fine dining options and new restaurants opening every week. We started with the classic story of Moby Dick, and explored maritime angles including the mystery of the ocean, epic fish stories, salty sailors—those who crossed the great Atlantic to get the best oysters. Fin and Fino celebrates the explorer’s mindset and the sailor’s heart with a food and cocktail menu that draws inspiration from cultures on both sides of the Atlantic.

We dove deep into logo development, brand messaging and photography, then followed up with custom menu designs, interior brand integration, a customized website, and a series of branded graphics to help tell the story of Fin and Fino. The result? A well-loved restaurant that filled up the moment they opened and continues to flourish. We continue to help Rare Roots Hospitality today.

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