Fruition Chocolate

Chocolatier Bryan Graham and his wife, Dahlia, are an award-winning New York-based bean-to-bar chocolate company in the Catskills. In 2013, Graham was named one of the Top 10 Chocolatiers of the year by Dessert Professional Magazine. Their chocolate bars and sipping chocolates have been recognized in Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and Goop magazine among others. Fruition came to us seeking professional advice regarding their branding and we solved one of their most pressing problems. Packaging design and getting their brand to stand out among the specialty chocolate bars on the shelf.


Brand Refresh
Brand Messaging
Packaging Design
Photography & Styling

original packgaing

The Challenge

Fruition’s existing brand packaging was scattered and inconsistent. Several bars, sipping chocolates, tins and containers had an array of different packaging designs––different colors, layouts, logo versions and messaging created a brand message that was inconsistent. Consumer brand recognition was muddled, despite the popularity of the chocolates. Fruition came to us with a desire for a unified brand message and packaging that would support their thriving business. We began with the logo.

The Solution

We redesigned the logo and redefined Fruition’s color palette and font. Once the logo was complete, we redesigned the chocolate bar packaging. We were able to come up with a compelling design focused on colors, textures, and foil that remained true to their existing brand, but offered a modern look that was simple and impactful. We also created an infographic that broke down the process of creating bean-to-bar chocolate, a labor intensive and crucial component of the business, that we included on the inside of the packaging.

We partnered with @Mamasauce to produce a multi-layered effect utilizing speciality color paper, gold foil, white screenprinting, and debossing. We created additional consistency by finishing their sipping cocoa, bags and pouches with the branded elements we established early in the design process.

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