No Evil Foods

No Evil Foods was created by Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky with a mission to create something better. The world of vegan meat replacement was either filled with mystery ingredients or mediocre taste and textures. What began as a drive to create a better product, rocketed the husband and wife duo into vegan meat replacement stardom. No Evil Foods uses high quality ingredients to break boundaries and support the protein needs of their customers. This is not your typical natural and organic food company. No Evil Foods is a loud, unapologetic brand, and its founders are hungry for change. Real change.


Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Brand Messaging
Packaging Design
Social Media
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The Challenge

No Evil Foods is a true DIY business. They created their brand on the fly with their own resources and knowledge by teaching themselves how to be graphic designers and how to design packaging. The graphics were functional - but busy and heavy, filled with free clip art and crowded graphics. Still, the packaging caught attention for its 100% compostable design and unique loud designs. Sales and consumer feedback showed big growth, and Sadrah and Mike knew it was time to invest in branding that would take No Evil to the next level.

The Solution

We began by conducting comprehensive research of the brand to find out what worked and what didn’t work. Who were their current customers and who were they looking to target? What were their strengths, current brand weaknesses, and future opportunities?

Once the audit was complete we took that information and created visuals. Social media was a large component of their brand reach, so we created a social media strategy that was rich with quality photography and video content.

We updated the logo and color palette, created brand assets, and unified the brand messaging. Once the  brand was  stabilized, we created an arsenal of branded content with recipe videos, photo shoots, and lifestyle images from social media influencers. This resulted in a few brand partnerships, audience-building giveaways, and a boost in their visual storytelling. The strategy yielded more followers and a sharper image of the brand itself. Since then, we’ve redesigned sales collateral, vehicle wraps, marketing swag, business stationery, and revamped No Evil Food’s entire social media presence. We are now involved in a package redesign, tradeshow booth design, and are working on a new website slated for 2019 plus several new product launches.  

If it's Made Outside, there is no box.


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