We are a team of design experts, content creators, artists, writers, developers, photographers, stylists and brand strategists with decades of knowledge and expertise.

Kara Hollinger

FOUNDER / Creative Mastermind

Creativity and entrepreneurship is in her DNA. Raised in the food and beverage space, she knows the in and out of the industry and thrives on guiding companies through the brand development and product launch process.

Spending years with well-established agencies, she later founded her first agency, 3pm Creative. A few years later, she transformed agency life once again as co-owner and creative mastermind of the Plaid Penguin.Her newest venture, Made Outside, was founded in 2018 and is the most exciting chapter yet. Kara is combining her love of the natural world with her affinity for connection through brand strategy and growth for her clients.

Over the last decade, she has studied the consumer landscape, noting the marked shift toward natural and conscious choice consumerism. Kara immerses herself in the industry and aligns with thought leaders and experts to stay current and know what’s coming so she can guide clients through her strategic process. Made Outside is the culmination of her experiences and passion to create a better connection between brands and consumers.

She leads the team of multi-disciplinary experts and is the lead creative director, strategist, creative stylist and brand visionary. Her diverse list of clients represents a dynamic agility to meet business needs of all sizes with unique and varied brand objectives.

Her newest venture, Made Outside, is the most exciting chapter yet, combining her love of the natural world with her affinity for connection through design and storytelling. Over the last decade, she has studied the consumer landscape, noting the marked shift toward natural products and conscious choice brands. Kara’s own lifestyle has afforded her the deep knowledge of an early adopter, and she’s continued studying global and national trends while immersing herself in the industry. Made Outside is the culmination of her experiences. Guided by the wisdom that a conscious focus on health, wellness, and connection to the outdoors is a necessary part of company culture, Made Outside aims to transform the design space and shift the paradigm to something more benevolent, and ultimately, more enlightened.

Her portfolio includes global and national clients that range from the startup to Fortune 100 companies such as Coca Cola, Compass Group, Le Creuset, Husqvarna, No Evil Foods, Ashbourne Farms and Foodies.

Kara has received over 70 local and national awards for her transformative work. 

She is dedicated to finding new ways in business to bring more connection, more sustainability solutions and more cause related initiatives. During her free time she is typically found with her young daughter Seren traveling or spending time on a trail exploring outside. They love to have intimate dinner parties and have the habit of turning clients into long-term friends and partners.



Alyssa is the creator of intentional, beautiful design work for clients at Made Outside and is the hyper-organized, gluten-free and thrifting guru here.

Alyssa is Made Outside’s multifaceted Senior Designer who has spent close to a decade mastering the craft of print, web and everything in between. She is a creative problem solver whose devotion to detail allows her to develop thoughtful, big-picture design systems that successfully translate across different media from concept to production.

Rather than be siloed to one specific design area, she's had the opportunity to work on an unusual breadth of successful design solutions ranging from strategy and design thinking, to print, to digital, for local to global clients across various industries.

Organization comes easy to her, and lists are life. Like, sub-lists within master lists that are organized into folders that contain more lists. Tiny, thoughtful details are what keep her up at night and get me out of bed in the morning...That, or ideas that need to be added to lists. What can we say, she's a rare find.

Growing up, Alyssa always knew the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” had to be something creative. With a landscape architect and an interior designer for parents, she spent her childhood assuming that everyone had an arts and crafts closet in their house….Wrong.



Lex plans, tracks, researches, guides, analyzes, strategizes, discusses, thinks, and simplifies for clients and most things within the agency.

London educated from one of the world's top art universities, Central Saint Martins, Lex has a dynamic background in visual arts, curation, and advertising design and brand strategy. Working with established corporations, city governments, non-profits and startups, Lex partners with clients to work through strategic direction of brands from brand architecture, naming, positioning, brand frameworks, and marketing tactics.

Fusing her versatile background and deep experience with her own personal values of sustainability, equity for all, doing things different from the status quo, and honesty, Lex loves to help clients create fortified branding foundations and then develop strategies to reach their business goals. Bonus points as she'll keep your project on track too.

If you really want to know Lex – here are a few fun facts:
- She once changed the entire trajectory of a company's visual rebanding with a single analogy about bees to a room full of the company's stakeholders. (It's a funny story, ask her about it sometime.)
- Puts her hair up and takes it back down 15+ times a day. If it's up, the strategic thinking cap is on.
- Hiked a volcano in Guatemala? Check. In torrential downpour? Double check.
- Called multiple world-class meccas home at some point such as London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and now Charlotte.
- Has worked in art galleries, managed bars and restaurants and marketing before finding a fit in advertising & branding.
- Traveled to 20ish(?) countries welding global inspiration daily in all projects.


writer, content creator + seo queen

Lauren has over 10 years of experience writing compelling, on-brand copy for small and large companies, magazines, digital publications, e-commerce and social media.

Lauren takes the complicated or uncertain and makes the customer feel connected through the story. Her words have been known to make brands "feel good" and connect directly to the right consumer using strategic word placement.

Her past experience includes Fortune 100 companies to small businesses. She understands how to tell a beautiful story but also re-write it to preform well online for optimal SEO. She loves exploring to find the unique and rememberable parts of a brand. She is our "WHY" expert and won't stop until she figures it out.

Lauren and her dog Dude live in the city but often adventure down to the beach or mountains for the weekends.

Jeremy and Debby


This dynamic duo has traveled the world capturing stories through photography and video. The art of capturing the true essence of a person, place or thing is deep in their ethos and proves over and over again to make brands shine.

The vibrancy of their photos mixed with the hustle to get it right has made them partners of Made Outside for over 9 years. They made their spot on the map by taking portrait photography and over the years we have grown together to master shooting food and beverage, products, lifestyle, corporate personalities and behind the scenes. They can bring out the personality and character of everyone they shoot at a level that is always surprising, even to us.

Jeremy and Debby both love nature, traveling the world and making the average or expected look spectacular. They also seem to always be adopting new cats! 

If it's Made Outside, there is no box.