Le Creuset

Le Creuset introduced its first vibrant, flame-colored enameled cast iron cooking vessel in 1925, ushering everyday cookware into a new era. Ninety years later, this established brand still creates a legacy among its customers. Le Creuset has grown from their original cocotte to dutch ovens, saute pans, stock pots, sauce pans, cooking utensils, bakeware, and beyond.

Project completed while co-owner of The Plaid Penguin


Campaign Development
Art Direction & Styling
Web Graphics
Recipe Development

The Challenge

Le Creuset was planning a new line of stoneware designed specifically for cheese to be paired with their existing wine and cheese tools. They reached out with a need to create a brand within their existing brand. They wanted a look that would stand out from their original line of products for a national marketing push. In addition, they needed to support the retail stores that would be carrying these items such as Williams and Sonoma and Sur la Table.

The Solution

We created an approachable story for the new product line with a branded wine and cheese campaign. We created recipes, photography, stop motion videos, and original web content that lived on Le Creuset's site along with a series of print collateral. We showed potential customers how to use the stoneware, and suggested ways to prepare items for entertaining, offered tips for cooking and gave pairing suggestions.

The wine and cheese campaign was so successful they hired us to manage their international cookware line that focused on woks, tagine, and fajita pans. Then we moved into campaigns for their Ice Cream Bowls and Scoops, Storage Containers, Cast Iron Oval Bakers and their QVC launch. Throughout this process, we handle LeCreuset’s overall messaging and photography by creating content, recipes, brochures and digital assets for their internal web team.

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