Made Outside creates brands that resonate.

Made Outside is small but mighty.

We are a collective force of design experts, content creators, marketing executives and brand strategists with years of experience. We understand the complexities your industry and know what it takes to compete.

Our strategy for growth is executed across multiple disciplines and channels. We listen, we partner and we lead. We build brands and find unique ways to connect deeper with  consumers to stand out from the competition.

We are experts in the following industries:

+ Food and Beverage
+ Sustainable Brands
+ Natural Products
+ Wellness and Healthcare
+ Conscious Consumer
+ CPG Products
+ Cannabis and CBD

We help clients differentiate.

By determining a position and committing to a brand’s authentic differentiators, we create a brand story which drives connection with consumers. Our process is thorough but effective.

We first identify who is a brand’s target consumer and what is most important to them. Understanding what they want, where they shop, and how they make purchases is critical to connection. Connection happens when we create consistent experiences for the consumer - online, in stores, and in the media. 

Consistency of messaging, visuals, and experiences develops a cohesive brand. The aesthetic we create for brands is anti-trend; it’s timeless. If a brand has to reinvent itself regularly to stay relevant, consistency is lost. At the end of our process, a cohesive brand builds loyalty with consumers which then increases revenue. We have proven this to be successful.

We have proven success.

Since 2007, we’ve been building profitable brands. Our clients are diverse but share our passion for living consciously and doing good. Developing brands for various industries requires agility as we adapt to varying business needs, sizes, and objectives.   Whether a company is domestic or international, regional or national, a start-up or a Fortune 100 Company, we create brands with lasting results. We have worked with brands such as Coca Cola, Compass Group, Le Creuset, Ahara Ghee, Foodies, Ashborne Farms, No Evil Foods and NED.

The products we design, the brands we build and the e-commerce platforms we launch create lasting results.

Our services are diverse but laser focused to create change.

+ Brand Consultation
+ Brand Strategy
+ Brand Positioning
+ Brand Identity
+ Content Creation
+ Digital Media
+ Illustration
+ Naming
+ Packaging
+ Photography
+ Product Development
+ Signage
+ Shopify Website Development
+ Website Design
+ Website Development

We work with purpose.

Our mission goes beyond strategy, brand design and marketing. We strive to do work that enhances the brand in meaningful ways and we guide our clients to communicate their efforts building communities, enhancing sustainability and giving back. Cause marketing is proven to drive connection and increase sales. So many companies are already making great efforts towards sustainability and giving back but need help weaving that into their story. For brands to be successful in the near future, GEN X and Y consumers will insist on transparency. This pivot will create much deeper traction and success for brands that do it well, and we’re here to help. 

We practice what we preach. Through Covid-19, we waived thousands of dollars in agency fees for small and struggling businesses to help them recover. We offer discounted rates to non-profits and wellness start-ups to make sure these types of businesses can thrive even in a struggling economy.

A portion of our total revenue supports Open Outdoors for Kids.  Run through the National Park Service, this organization puts nature at the fingertips of today’s youth.. We believe that  being outside is imperative for all children, especially those who do not have access to nature. At the end of the day, we know our efforts are moving us closer to a better tomorrow.

If it's Made Outside, there is no box.