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Over 30 years ago, Marygrace Sexton started Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company in a small Florida facility that measured 1,000 square feet. At the time, Natalie’s focused only on orange and grapefruit juice, minimally processed and squeezed fresh. The goal was to bring nutrition to her family and to support other families. Today, Natalie’s is sold in over 32 states and 41 countries. What started as a small family-inspired dream, has grown into a brand with a global presence, new product verticals, and over 175 team members throughout the country.


Brand Refresh
Packaging Design
Website Design
Art Direction & Styling
Collateral Design
Social Media Graphics

The Challenge

Natalie’s product label had not been updated for decades. Marygrace and her daughters were open to change, but had not found the right branding partner to tell their story and was nervous about the change. It was important for the design team to develop a message hinged on the following values: Natalie’s is a family owned orchard focused on transparency, honest sourcing, and a strong focus on family and consumer connection. The owners felt attached to their original brand identity, but analytics showed declining performance for new products. Additionally, there was opportunity to capture a younger demographic through a fresh reboot of the brand.

Large fulfillment processes meant that Natalie’s already had millions of dollars invested in machinery and production. It was imperative to maintain the original bottle shape, size, and configuration when we reimagined packaging.  

The Solution

During strategy and research, it became obvious to our team that if the Natalie’s bottle was to remain the same, than we would have to retain elements of the original identity and dated bottle shape. We decided to own the history instead of fight against it and worked with it. We updated the look by creating a hand-drawn font library that brought cohesion and complimented the brand’s vintage logo and bottle. We added ingredients to the bottle’s front panel and placed call-outs to focus on what consumers wanted to know. We brought vibrancy with color and created an appealing modern look that would draw new juice buyers to the shelves.

What started as a simple label redesign has resulted in a huge jump in product sales and evolved into dozens of new products. We created new labels for each product, built a photo library of lifestyle and product images, assisted with social media graphics and built a new website in 2018, with fresh content and an updated look. Natalie’s has experienced a spike in overall sales and are now launching new verticals–––nutrient enhanced water and community outreach programs that span the globe. We continue to help Natalie’s today.

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